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Why Choose Eirene?



We allow you to make arrangements from the comfort of your own home. Handle everything online or over the phone, then our team of licensed funeral directors will take care of the rest.



We focus on high-quality cremation services, at an affordable cost for families. We have no hidden fees and will always ensure your loved one is in the best of care.



Arranging a funeral can be overwhelming, especially while grieving the loss of a loved one. Our team of licensed funeral directors are here to guide you through the process.

"The beauty of this company is that there is complete honesty and transparency. I truly appreciated the flexibility and the absence of pressure with regard to making choices to honour my mother."
"Caring and responsive. Eirene handled everything so I could deal with other things that needed my attention. Happy to recommend them."
"I highly recommend Eirene Cremations. The service provided - at what is always a difficult time for the bereaved - made it easier to navigate the processes that can otherwise be overwhelming. Thank you Jennifer for your help, as well as for your kind follow-up."

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One price - everything you need


    Our price includes:
  • Services of a licensed funeral director
  • Transfer of your loved one to our facilities
  • Completion of all required paperwork and permits
  • A private, dignified cremation
  • The cremated remains hand-delivered to you
  • Unlimited proof of death certificates
  • An estate administration tool
  • Online obituary
Eirene Price List

If you require help in covering the cost, we are here to help you find the support that you need.

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We continue supporting you through aftercare

When you choose Eirene, you choose exceptional service from start to finish. We understand that the time following a death can be stressful and difficult to navigate, which is why we’re here to be an incredible guide and companion.

From details on how to get a permit to scatter the remains, connecting you to vetted partners to plan a memorial service, or providing you with the tools to access grief support. Anything you need - we are here to help.

What is Eirene?

Eirene is an online cremation planning service. Eirene was founded to provide Canadians with a simple, compassionate, and modern approach to funeral services. With 73.1% of Canadians opting for cremation each year Eirene’s goal is to be a trusted partner that simplifies the arrangement process and provides families with peace of mind.

Our cremation arrangement process gives families more time to focus on what really matters immediately after losing a loved one. All the families need to do is contact Eirene— online or over the phone, provide the required details, and then our team of experienced funeral directors will take care of the rest.

Making arrangements with Eirene allows you to:
- Take the time you need to process the enormity of the loss that has just occurred, in whatever way you need
- Reduce stress, pressured decisions, and family disagreements
- Gather informally, on your own terms, remembering your loved one; sharing stories, photos and memories
- Create the celebration your loved one would want, without pressure— no matter what that might be; a favourite restaurant, gathering a beach, in a park, on the golf course or ocean
- Avoid the need for multiple appointments at a funeral home

Where did the name Eirene originate?

The word Eirene means a state of peace.

The word Eirene means a state of peace, originating from the greek goddess Eirene who was the goddess of peace and the embodiment of spring. We chose the name Eirene to represent and protect a peaceful passing as the goddess was known. To us, Eirene also symbolizes the role many women play in arranging end-of-life services for their families and the growing diversity in the end-of-life industry.

How do I make arrangements with Eirene?

Our process is made simple during an incredibly difficult time for your family. When you're ready to begin your arrangement, you can either choose to fill out the required information online or call our team of licensed funeral directors who can make the arrangement over the phone.

Once paid, we take it from there. Within one day, the Eirene care team will pick up your loved one from their place of passing. While your loved one is safely stored in our partner facilities, we manage all necessary paperwork and provide proof of death certificates signed by a licensed funeral director.

Once all required paperwork and permits have been completed, we will proceed with the cremation. Each cremation is dignified, private and individual. Following the cremation, we will hand-deliver the remains to the executor or next of kin.

From here, the process is done, and you and your family can be assured that your loved one has had the best and most dignified care available.

How does your pricing compare to traditional funeral providers?

Eirene has a different business model to traditional funeral homes, which allows us to pass on savings to our families.

As highlighted in the Auditor General's Report, funeral-selling practices can still include "pressure tactics and the provision of misleading information". Costs for direct cremation services vary significantly, from a low of $512 in Windsor to a high of $8,000 in Toronto. In Nova Scotia, the Funeral Service Association of Nova Scotia estimated the average cost of a funeral within the province is around $7,000, based on a 2019 poll of its the association's membership.

Eirene is focused on simplicity and honesty in arrangements. We provide high-quality cremation services at a reasonable cost and ensure your experience is dignified and supportive.

By offering simple packages that can be arranged online or over the phone, we also don't carry the same overhead that funeral homes do. We don't have large buildings or fancy vehicles, which means we can pass on those savings to our families.

Rest assured, we are still licensed through the Bereavement Authority of Ontario and Service Nova Scotia.

What areas do you serve?

We service families in Ontario and Nova Scotia.