What is Aftercare? Here is a definition of this funeral term which relates to care of the family after the loss of a loved one.

Definition of Aftercare

In a funeral setting, aftercare refers to services offered or made available to the family and friends of the deceased after the funeral service is over. This includes programs such as counseling, therapy, educational programs, support groups, and remembrance programs.

Aftercare is designed to help loved ones through the grieving process and adjust/transition to a life without the deceased.

The grieving process is different for everyone, but there are some general features funeral homes offer for as aftercare services. These include:

  • Resources for healing and grief support. This is one of the most important features of aftercare because most families need support. Losing a loved one is difficult for almost anyone and many need help to process and accept the grief. Unfortunately, many do not know where to start. Providing these resources to families can help get them on the process of healing and acceptance.

  • Effective and meaningful communication. There are many things involved in a funeral and in aftercare, which can be overwhelming to families. Effective communication helps alleviate additional stress and establishes a connection between funeral homes and the deceased's family. This is helpful for the families and can also provide more business for the funeral home down the line.

  • Pre-made aftercare program. Funeral homes often create packaged aftercare programs to make the process even easier for client. This ensures families receive aftercare quickly and easily.