We're on a mission to provide the most cost-efficient and transparent end-of-life solutions possible.
Here are some free tools and resources to help you as you navigate the end-of-life process.
The Free Guide to End-of-Life-Planning
Our checklists aim to help you through a tough time. By taking the time to pre-plan, you can save yourself, and your loved ones time and headaches.
Social Services & Assistance
This resource will give you information on how you can access specific financial coverage through the Ontario and Federal governments.
Navigating End-of-Life During COVID-19
Learn how to take the necessary steps to plan for your future and end-of-life in a way that allows you to maintain control and dignity, during the pandemic.
Cremation vs Funeral: What's the right choice?
Is it a cremation? Is it burial? Are there any alternative options for me? We'll help you discover the right disposition to suit your needs.
How Much Does a Cremation Cost?
Funeral pricing can be tricky. We've put together a list of some of the most common end-of-life arrangement costs that you will have to plan for.
Funeral Planning on a Budget
There are ways to manage and reduce the amount that you spend while providing yourself or your loved ones the dignity that you deserve.