How to arrange a cremation

You can arrange a cremation from your home using a computer or mobile device with Eirene.
In this nine-step guide, we will explain each step, how much it costs, how to complete the process, what to expect, and what you can do with the ashes to honour your loved one.

Preparation for a cremation

In this first section, we explain the steps you will take to prepare for the cremation of a loved one who has died.

Step 1) Honour their wishes

Start by reviewing any end-of-life requests left by the deceased family member you are arranging a cremation for. This information may be outlined in their will or associated document that is with their will or kept in a safe place. Be sure to review all important documents to check to see if any pre-arrangements have been made.

Step 2) How much does a cremation cost?

A cremation in Canada can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on which company you use. The industry average is $5,000. At Eirene, we offered a fixed and all-inclusive cost that is affordable and provides a respectful and dignified cremation. Our current pricing is here.

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The Cremation Process

In this section, we explain what the actual cremation process is and how to arrange it through us at Eirene.

Step 3) Understanding the cremation process

Cremation is a funerary process that has been used for thousands of years by humankind to put loved ones to rest. The process involves transporting a person’s body to a cremation facility. It contains a furnace designed for the purpose of reducing the organic remains of a human body to ash using high temperatures generated by flame.

After the process is complete, bone fragments are present. These are reduced to fine dust and are placed in a container that is returned to the family. Learn more about the cremation process on this page.

Step 4) Arrange a cremation

When you work with Eirene, we make the process of cremation simple and stress-free. We will send our staff to the loved one’s place of death and transport their remains to our facility. You will provide us with the necessary information and paperwork through our technology platform. We provide a link for you to open on your web browser. You will need to fill out the electronic form.

We will obtain a Medical Certificate of Death from the attending physician or coroner and help file the paperwork so that you can get the necessary documents needed to close out a loved one’s affairs.

Step 5) Finalize the paperwork

A death must be registered with the government within five days. Included in Eirene’s fee is assistance on how to do this. A person designated as an “informant”, usually a family member, and the funeral director will complete a Statement of Death with information about the deceased.

Once completed, the Medical Certificate of Death (obtained by Eirene from an attending doctor or coroner in the previous step) and the Statement of Death are submitted to a local municipal clerk’s office by the funeral director. It may take up to 12 weeks for a death to be registered with your province.

Step 6) Choose an urn

At Eirene, we will provide a basic container that contains a person’s ashes. Most families select a cremation urn that can be used to memorialize their loved one’s ashes. The choice of urn depends on what you plan to do with the ashes (see next section).

If the ashes will be buried a biodegradable urn is recommended. If it is to be displayed in a niche or at home, then the urn may be more ornamental. You can see a selection of urns available through Eirene on this website.

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You can contact our team via phone at 647-424-3408. We answer the phone and respond to email queries 24 hours per day / seven days per week.

After the Cremation

Here are some steps to consider after a cremation has been completed.

Step 7) What happens to the ashes after cremation?

The ashes will be personally returned to you by our funeral director after a cremation. There are many traditions and rituals that can be employed to honour and memorialize a loved one whose remains have been cremated.

Some people keep the ashes in an urn at home. Some families divide the ashes among multiple family members. An Eirene funeral director can divide the ashes on request.

Step 8) How to scatter or bury ashes

A person’s final wishes might include a request to have their ashes scattered at one or more locations. This can be on private property owned by your family, private property owned by someone else (with permission), or on Crown land (including in lakes, rivers, or a sea). A scattering tube can be purchased to make the dispersal of ashes easy to complete. See more information here on what to do with cremation ashes.

Step 9) Should I arrange a memorial service?

This is a matter of personal choice. Some families choose to arrange a memorial service. It can be as simple as a gathering of close family and/or friends in a private home to remember the loved one and celebrate their life. It can also be a more elaborate celebration of life at an event facility or at a religious place of worship.

How you memorialize your loved one is really up to you and your family and what your loved one’s end-of-life instructions were, if provided. Our staff at Eirene can help recommend trusted providers that can help you arrange a memorial service if you request that information.

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You can contact our team via phone at 647-424-3408. We answer the phone and respond to email queries 24 hours per day / seven days per week.