Eirene for Professionals

Refer our services to your clients and help them get their end-of-life affairs in order, including pre-planning their cremation or aquamation with Eirene.


Starting the conversation around end-of-life planning can be difficult. That’s why we work with trusted providers like you to offer comprehensive planning to families. When you refer our services to your clients, you provide them with peace of mind that all of their arrangements are complete and in good hands.

Program benefits

  • Increase the value of your practice by providing comprehensive tools for end-of-life planning.
  • Act as a trusted advisor as your clients navigate their arrangements
  • Receive referral incentives for your business

Pre-planning with Eirene

A simple, affordable and transparent way to look after the people you love.

  • High-quality cremation and aquamation services
  • Prepayment through insurance or trust products
  • Flexible terms and payments with a lifetime price guarantee
  • No upselling or sales tactics
  • Funeral wishes are put in writing

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We founded Eirene to provide a better funeral experience to families - one that is different from the traditional, costly and complicated process that exists today. We're committed to providing simple, compassionate, and transparent services to Canadians.

Our mission is to unpack difficult conversations around end-of-life planning and help families navigate the complexities of death care. Our vision is to ensure that a better death becomes integral to a good life.

Your trusted funeral provider

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Established Partners

Our insurance partner, TruStage, are a member of Assuris, a national compensation fund that protects certificate holders.


We are proudly Canadian-owned and operated. We are also fully independent, and not affiliated with any large funeral companies.

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Licensed Establishment

We hold the same professional licenses as traditional funeral homes through the Bereavement Authority of Ontario.