Start the conversation about memorials, which can be either in person or online, or though a variety of unique keepsakes.
Partner Description
Covituary An free online memorial site specifically for those who have lost their lives due to COVID.
Thumbies Custom memorial jewelry that incorporates your loved ones fingerprint. Rings, necklaces, earrings, and more can be customized.
Eternitys Touch A variety of custom memorial jewlery including pendants that incorporate ahes, fingerprint jewlery, and a variety of medallions.
DNA Memorial Post-mortem DNA testing, allowing you to learn more about your loved ones history after they pass away.
Eterneva Eterneva turns your loved ones ashes into diamonds, allowing you to carry your loved one close wherever you go.
The Endless Table A collection of recipes from departed loved ones. Honour their memory by cooking their favourite dishes even when they aren't with us anymore.
Parting Stone Parting Stone takes the ashes of your loved one and turns them into multiple stones. These stones can be used as memorial decor.
Memorial Spaceflights If you’d rather reach for the stars upon your exit you can do that too...literally. Celestis offers an infinite number of out-of-this-world options. The Earth Orbit service allows the user to remain in orbit before re-entering the atmosphere, much like a shooting star. If you’d prefer to stay in space, the Luna Service will place your remains on the actual moon so your final resting place can be viewed from anywhere on earth. Or maybe you never want to land: the Voyager Service will send you into deep space for infinity and beyond!