Caregiver Resources

If you are a full time caregiver, resources are available to help you navigate caregiving and provide direct support.
Partner Description
Compassion Care Benefits Information from the government of Canada on what caregiving benefits offer, eligibility, and how to apply. Under Canadian Employment Insurance — information on benefits paid to those caring for family members who are gravely ill and likely to die within 6 months.
The Ontario Caregiver Organaization An organization intended to help and support caregivers throughout Ontario.
Dementia Cares Offers clinical services and group programs to aid healthcare workers to effectively take care of individuals living with dementia.
Cares Canada A national organization with the goal to increase recognition and support for caregivers across Canada.
Just Like Family Personalized home and personal care, companionship, and overnight/live in care for seniors.
Victoria Order of Nurses An online directory for information and also an online directory for a variety of caregiving services.
Canadian Caregiver Coalition Information and advocacy for Canadian caregivers.
Canadian Home Care Association CHCA focuses on initiatives that prioritize in-home and community care. They also facilitate knowledge sharing, creates connections, informs policy and practices, and advocates for community care for Canadians.
The Caregiver Network — information, teleseminars, and Huddol support A supportive community for caregivers, allowing them to connect with other like-minded individuals to share experiences and create a healing community.
Male Caregivers Community Discussion forums, articles and resources on the specific issues of being a male caregiver — available online to Canadians, and internationally — sponsored through Homewatch CareGivers International, see local Canadian branches.
Lotsa Helping Hands An online method to develop communities of support for individual caregiving (or volunteer support) within your own area.
Caregivers Association, Seniors Council-Caregiving (Edmonton only) Information and resources for caregivers located in Alberta. Additionally, Seniors Council-Caregiving is an organization that offers senior based recreational and wellbeing events in Edmonton.
Family Caregivers Network FCBC is a not-for-profit that supports caregivers living in British Columbia.
Manitoba Caregiver Coalition and Family Caregivers Network Manitoba (see lower left side of page for specifics on this province/territory) Information and resources to support caregivers in Manitoba.
Home Support Association (or in French) Focuses on improving the home and community care industry by promoting superior care through information and advocacy.
Northwest Territories Caregivers Guide An educational guide for caregivers living in North West Territories.
Caregivers Nova Scotia Information and resources to support caregivers in Nova Scotia.
Nunavut - Home and Continuing Care Information and resources on Home and Community Care in Nunavut.
Family Caregivers Network Sasktchewan Information and resources on caregiving in Nunavut.
Yukon Resources for caregivers Resources for caregivers located in Yukon.