Dementia Directive

A non-legally binding document to assist individuals who may need someone to help them with important medical decisions in the future.
Partner Description
Alzheimer Society of Canada, Provincial, regional and local Alzheimer Society offices, Living with Dementia and Email for general information Extensive information and resources from the Alzheimer Society of Canada. Individuals who have been diagnosed with Dementia can learn more on living with a diagnosis, and individuals can also sign up for emails to stay up to date on the topic.
Dementia Journey Multiple sources of help and support for individuals living with Dementia.
Toronto Dementia Network This article from lists and explains the 4 different types of Dementia.
Veterans Affairs Canada on Dementia and Alzheimer Disease Information and resources from Veterans Affairs Canada on Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.
Dementia amongst Seniors from Stats Canada (downloadable PDF) A variety of studies and statistics on Dementia in Seniors from the Government of Canada.
Rising Tide: The Impact of Dementia in Canada by the Alzheimer Society January 2010 A peer-reviewed article on the rising rates of dementia in Canada and how it affects caretakers and pharmacists.