Mental health is an important subject in the end of life discussion, speaking with a licensed therapist can provide you with the tools to set you up for peace of mind and ease any potential anxieties.
Partner Description
First Session Find a therapist by using the First Session platform, which has a video profile for each therapist. This allows individuals to find a therapist that they connect with, and increases the chances of having a successful client-therapist relationship.
Psychology Today An online directory for therapists based on your location.
Andrea Warnick Consulting Grief counselling by Andrea Warnick, who is an educator, registered psychotherapist, nurse, and thanatologist. Services are offere to individuals of all ages.
First Session Christina Simonetti is a registered Psychotherapist that specializes in anxiety, relationships, self-esteem, trauma, and addiction.
A Sacred Passing Listening Line A hotline for individuals to call to vent and have a non-medical, trained attendant to listen. The Listening Line is free to callers.
Headspace An application that focuses on improving mental health through guided meditations.
Calm An application that offers calming sounds and music, fictional stories, and guided meditations.
Shine Shine is an application to improve anxiety through self care messages, exercises, and affirmations.
Crisis Text Line A 24/7 hotline to text and receive immediate support. Help is available for a variety of subjects including COVID, anxiety, and depression.
Better Help Virtual therapy for individuals, couples, and children. Therapy is available via messaging, phone calls, or video calls.
The Mighty An online community for individuals experiencing health issues, who can connect with individuals who are going through the same or similar experience.