Connect with accessible legal services that will provide your family with the information and assistance they need. Getting sound legal advice from a lawyer who knows the specifics of your situation will significantly help navigating the end of life process.
Partner Description
My Friendly Lawyer A legal phone service for Canadians to directly connect with an experienced lawyer. Available 24/7, get peace of mind with professional legal advice. Discount code for 10% off: Eirene
Law Depot Access Free Legal Documents, Forms and Contracts on their extensive online database. Allows you to create documents such as Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, and various other estate forms.
Get Carefull Monitor the accounts and credit card transactions of your loved one to catch any unusual activity via this Smart application.
Canadian Center for Elder Law Online resource centre for elder abuse. Informational reports, consultative documents, study papers, and webinars are available.
The Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse A national platform with resources for elders or family members in need. For those who need help, a variety of networks are available based on your home province.
The Canadian Bar Association A Canadian wide directory of lawyers available based on your location and specific area of law. Also has a section dedicated to elder law, with the goal to educate Canadian lawyers and the community about the issues encountered by our senior population.