Social Service & Assistance

At Eirene, we believe that everyone deserves a dignified and respectful funeral. If you are in need of financial assistance with your end-of-life process, you have options.

This page will give you information on how you can access specific financial coverage through the Ontario and Federal governments.

Ontario Works

Ontario Works is a government service available to all Ontario residents to help offset the basic expenses of an arrangement for those who cannot afford it.

Ontario Works may help to cover the cost of any funeral services (including, but not limited to: the transfer of the deceased, cremation, burial plot and urn/casket).

Please call your local Social Assistance Office to receive approval to proceed with the arrangement. To find the Ontario Works office that serves your address, click here. Please ensure that the application is made through the region that the Deceased lived.

Approval is dependent on the deceased's financial standing and takes into account insurance policies and assets. Once you receive approval from Ontario Works, you can return to this form to complete the arrangement. If you need any assistance, please contact the Eirene team.

If you enter a contract with Eirene prior to applying and receiving approval, Ontario Works will deny your application. Rest assured, Ontario Works will send approval via fax or email in a timely manner to ensure that we can proceed with the arrangement.

Read more about how it works and who qualifies below

Ontario Works Coverage
  • If approved, you can be eligible for up to $2,250.

  • Ontario Works covers the cost of the transfer of the deceased's body from place of death to funeral home.

  • If you choose to opt for a burial plot, Ontario Works helps with the purchase of the burial plot. If the deceased already owns one, Ontario Works assists with the fees associated with opening and closing.

  • Ontario Works covers a cremation arrangement including scattering or burial of cremated remains.
The Fine Print
  • Prior to signing a contract with any funeral home, crematorium, cemetery, or any other end-of-life solution provider, Ontario Works must approve services.

  • The deceased does not have to have been a recipient of Ontario Works during their lifetime to benefit from the services following their passing.

  • Ontario Works is entitled to any funeral funds available in the deceased's estate.

The Application Process
  • For those who are or were existing recipients of Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Plan (ODSP). Apply online today.

  • For those who were not recipients of Ontario Works or ODSP, the Eirene team can help assist you during the application process.

  • Please call your local Social Assistance Office to receive approval before proceeding with the arrangement. To find the Ontario Works office that serves your address, click here.
Canada Pension Plan

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Death Benefit is a federally mandated service that provides survivors with two kinds of support:

- A one-time payment to the estate on behalf of the deceased.

- A monthly pension.

The Fine Print
  • You must apply for CPP benefits within a year of the death, otherwise you forfeit the benefits provided by the CPP.

  • Additional funds may be provided to dependents who have children (18 years of age or younger) who are enrolled in a full-time academic program.

The Application Process